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Typhoon Haiyan, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda, was one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded; devastating portions of Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines, in early-November 2013.It is the deadliest Philippine typhoon recorded in modern history, killing at least 6,300 people in that country alone. Haiyan is also the strongest storm recorded at landfall, and the strongest typhoon ever recorded in terms of one-minute sustained wind speed.As of January 2014, bodies were still being found.
Amelia, Ronald and their kids pose in their houseTeacher Richie inside her classroomFrederic and Agnes in the shopTeacher Lik Lik in her classroomRosario with Rafa and Lorenzo at her houseGing Ging in her restaurantJeyie with his family in his houseJunior in the beachSchoolgirl dries school materialChildren play with a tabletSoft toys dry in the sunRelief operationRelief operationDebris in the beachChildren at destroyed resortMan rides motorbike past destroyed treesWoman walks past destroyed treesSchool material dries in the sunChildren wave at recognizance helicopterMan walks between destroyed trees