Thanks for choosing us for your stay. We hope to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.

Here you will find some useful tips to get yourself around the neighborhood and the house.

Hope you find them useful!


Amenities, restaurants, shops around

Just outside the building, as you turn right outside the carpark, you can find a restaurant, a convenient store and a laundry shop.



La Famiglia Italian restaurant is a very friendly restaurant where fellow travelers gather in the evening for food and drinks.

They can deliver your food to the loft without any extra charge.

Definitely the fastest and most affordable option for a late bite. Find their menu in the fridge.


Next to the restaurant, there is a convenience store, opens from 8Am to 9PM


Right next is Tiny’s laundry shop. If you drop your laundry in the morning you will have it ready in the afternoon.

A little bit further down the road you have a few more dining options, all within walking distance:

Dawon Korean restaurant

Rico’s Lechon

Chika-an sa Cebu

Yega restaurant

Nonki Japanese


Oh! And if you need to rent a car, you can do so just in the corner of the main road.


There’s also an ATM across.


If you continue walking along the main road you will reach Marina Mall where you can find pharmacies, a 7/11, a supermarket and other amenities.


Venture a little bit further down the road, cross the busy road and you will be arriving at Island Central Mactan mall, with more variety of restaurants and shops.


If you still want to walk a little bit more, go discover Cebu Yacht Club and the great dining options. I recommend you go around 5PM so you can enjoy the sunset from there.



The house (appliances, TV, shower, etc…)

Smart TV and Soundbar

The TV is connected to Netflix. Use “The Orange Loft” account, please. If you prefer to use your own account it is recommended that you use “Smart View” or similar feature from your mobile phone.

If you want to use other streaming services, you can log in using your own account. Make sure you disconnect your account afterwards so nobody else can use it.

Please don’t change the language of the TV or the accounts linked.

The TV is connects to the Soundbar using Bluetooth. If you need to connect your own device follow those instructions:


Air conditioning units and ceiling fans


There are two air conditioning units in the loft, one upstairs and another one downstairs, enough to make you feel like a penguin, but, are you? Please, make sure you use the aircon with moderation. Don’t leave it blasting at full power while you are outside (it takes five minutes to make you feel comfortably cool once you start it) and don’t forget to switch it off when you check out.

The aircon unit downstairs is behind a wooden cover and sometimes it can be tricky to figure out whether is on or off. Check for the green light or check the remote control; if the light is on, the aircon is on, if the remote control shows number, the aircon is probably on.


Additionally, there are ceiling fans installed on top of the sofa and the main bed. Operating them is easy.

-          The fan downstairs turns on and off with a pull chain switch. While the fan is off, pull the chain once and the fan will turn on to its maximum power, pull once again and the power will be at half, once again and the power goes down to a quarter. One last pull and the fan will turn off.

-          The fan upstairs is operated by a remote control. For some reason, the designers of the fan thought that roman numbers would look cool in the remote. I is the lowest, VI the highest, Press the center button to turn the fan off.



The lightning scheme was designed with comfort in mind. Most lights are indirect or diffused and are intended to create different kind of ambient. Play around with the different settings to find the one that suits you better.

The living room has three different kinds of light configurations:

-          Main light goes from the kitchen to the sofa area and comprises 8 lights embedded on the wooden structure of the unit. The switch is located on top of the central counter-top.

-          Top TV light is a soft light setup, embedded inside the aircon wooden cover and behind the counter-table. The switch is that round thing located on the shelf under the TV.

-          Main door light. A strong three light setup to help you see once you come in.

-          Table top light to help you see while you use your laptop of read. Switch is located next to the turtle photo, probably behind the curtain.

The balcony light is located next to the stairs, along with the switch for the hammock light.

Upstairs you will find the softest light, with the switch on top of the stairs.

There’s a light behind the mirror, with the switch located next to the hair dryer.



To turn on the shower pull the central handle. Rotate the handle to the left and you will have hot water, to the left cold water.

The shower has two different options. Rain type and regular kind. Rotate the top round knob to choose between them.


Digital clock

The digital clock on the wall of the living room might sometimes rest in case of brownout. TO set the time again follow those steps:

-         Long press left button until numbers blink.

-         Press the left button again to cycle between time format, hours, minutes, alarm…

-         Center button increases numbers.

-         Right button decreases numbers.

-         Press left button until end cycle.


Water pump and gas canister

The water pump and the gas canister are located under the counter of the toilet downstairs. The water pump will make some noise while it operates but it usually takes no more than 30 seconds. Please don’t open the covers of either one.