A home away from home.

Thanks for choosing us for your stay. We hope, and we will make our best, to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.

Here you will find some useful tips to get yourself around the neighborhood and the house. Hope you find them useful!

Amenities, restaurants, shops

Just outside the building, facing the road, you can find a restaurant, a convenient store and a laundry shop.


La Famiglia Italian restaurant is a very friendly restaurant run by three brothers and sisters.

They can deliver your food to the loft without any extra charge.

Definitely the fastest and most affordable option for a late bite. Find their menu in the fridge.

Phone number: 0325177214             Facebook page

Right next to the restaurant, you can find a convenient store, open from XX to XX

And a few meters further, Tiny’s laundry shop. Their rates are also in the fridge.